Download Nigerian Music Online: 20 Websites to listen to songs on MP3

Download Nigerian music FREE ONLINE  without resorting to Spotify , Deezer or the popular YouTube Music platform is possible thanks to the 20 web pages that you will know below. Download your favorite songs safely and legally

Download FREE Naija MUSIC ONLINE is an activity that is done daily in millions of people over the Internet. To do this, it is no longer necessary to have a streaming music account such as Spotify ,Deezer or another platform where you listen to free naija music for a certain period and then you must pay a monthly subscription fee.

There is even another option to go to YouTube or YouTube Music , which is a mobile application that provides a personalized interface for streaming free online Nigeria music based on genres, playlist and recommendations.

In this way, we present you 20 legal websites to listen to free music in MP3 format 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy your favorite interpreters or podcasts, create Playlist and be happy during your activities at home, at work or on a long trip.

Has not it ever happened to you when looking for different terms such as “nigerian music 2018 and videos“, “ latest nigerian music dj mix download“, “latest naija music 2018“, “latest naija songs list“, “ download music on MP3 ” or simply “ naija music playlist“, Does the browser give you many options for illegal websites? Avoid infringing copyright. What you were looking for a long time you will find in this article. You can as well use this sites for musics in other African countries like South African music, Kenyan music or even Tanzania.

Genres such as rock, punk, Latin, jazz, reggaeton, pop, indie, alternative, hip-hop, folk, metal, acoustic, soul, reggae, blue, romantic, k-pop, music from the 80s, 90s, 2000s and other decades, are the most talked about for those looking to download music free online . In this list of 20 web pages to listen to free Nigerian music you  just need to search for your favorite artists, select the music you want and then you can play or download it quickly, easily, legally and for free.

Listening to music  is one of the most frequent activities while millions of people carry out their activities. In this way, they resort to downloading free naija music  on different web pages, risking viruses that can damage the computer or any mobile device. How and where to listen to music free safe, legal and quickly? If you do not have a streaming service or data, this will not be a problem to keep hearing your best hits without spending a penny.

The cost or fear of getting into trouble downloading Nigerian music online is latent and prevents thousands from accessing this possibility in different parts of the world. However, there is the YouTube Music application that allows you to download your favorite themes without taking greater risks. Here all the details.

The market has expanded so much that now you do not only have applications like Spotify , YouTube Music , Google Play Music or Apple Music and there are many users who have not been familiar with these apps even some of Nigerian artistes are making this movie, so they chose to use these pages with which Now they are happy.

Then, there are different web pages to download free Nigerian music online up to 320 kb, to enjoy when you want. Just look for your favorite artists or the genre that you like, reproducing it without problems totally free and legally.

20 Websites to listen and download free Nigerian music

  1. Spotify
It is the no1. streaming website for listening and downloading music online for free.

It is the most popular streaming platform for listening and downloading music for free online . Spotify Premium is free for 30 days and then you can make a monthly payment when you want. It offers good quality premium sound and has a lot of artists and musical genres to create your Playlists for every occasion.

  1. Google Play Music
Google Play Music
You can access free music online if you have a Google account. (Photo: Capture)

Although Google Play Music now has a subscription, you can access free music online if you have a Google account . In addition, you can only “pass” the song six times a day.

  1. Amazon
amazon music
Amazon music records has more than 46,000 free tracks available in MP3

Amazon has more than 46,000 free tracks available in MP3, and will surely continue to grow over time. The advantage of this website is that you can search easily, filtering genres and reporting how many free online songs fall in each class. Also, you can choose the songs in the same way you buy other goods on Amazon.

  1. Epictonic
Possibilities for all tastes. (Photo: Agencies)

Epictonic is a web portal that has been on the Internet for many years and this page appeared in 1999 to help artists spread their music and become known although, due to financial problems, it had to close but in 2011 it had a relaunch that has left it ‘higher’ than ever.

On the other hand, it also gives you the possibility to configure your own playlists without registration and in a simple and intuitive way, and you can download free music in MP3 format also without a subscription. You also have specialized articles that you can read without charge.

  1. Musopen
If you are a fan of classical music, the truth is that you will find it easy to find free downloads. (Photo: Capture)

If you are a fan of classical music, the truth is that you will find it easy to find free downloads ; after all, most of the classical compositions. Musopen, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and access to classical music, hosts an impressive library of songs and compositions, all without copyright restrictions.

  1. The Internet Machine
The Internet Machine
In this platform you can enjoy and download free music online from different genres. (Photo: Capture)

The “Internet Observer” has a section where he collects live music from bands of all kinds. You can even download music for free online .

  1. Free Music Archive
Free Music Archive
Like SoundCloud, you will have an online player while you search and listen to a song that you like. (Photo: Capture)

Born as an initiative of WFMU radio, this website allows you to download Nigerian music for free online , legally and without any registration.

Like SoundCloud, you will have an online player while you search and listen to a song that you like. If it convinces you, you will have a download button next to it to store it on your cell phone or your computer.

The web has evolved, reproducing the best of current music from YouTube. (Photo: Capture)

We have no doubt that you have listened to or seen, at least once,’s advertising on your mobile device; however, it also appears among the legal pages most used and with better programming so you can interact with the songs that you like the most. is the musical social network that has evolved over the years since its creation and now you can customize your playlist by subscribing, although here is the most important because this page has a unique catalogue to download music for free .

  1. Live Music Archive
Live Music Archive
It has more than 175 thousand songs divided into different catalogues that you can find on the page. (Photo: Capture)

Undoubtedly, the largest bank of usable and free files of Creative Commons is Internet Archive and within this is also the digital repository of free songs of use which is called Live Music Archive.

Within this website you can listen to your favourite music as well as download them without having to subscribe to the page since it has free use for all users that need some songs that are in their music catalogue.

  1. Noise Trade
Noise Trade
This web has within its catalogue thousands of artists that look for some audience for their music. (Photo: Capture)

This web has within its catalog thousands of artists that look for some audience for their music. Besides allowing the tracks of songs by genres or words, this platform allows you to download and listen online for free to your own songs, if you want more people to listen to you.

For this web it will be necessary that you register, but calm, because the only condition that they put is that you allow them to send you emails of artists. If you accept this, you can download all the music you want.

  1. Soundcloud
In this platform you can find free music of any kind. (Photo: Capture)

Another of the best known websites to download songs for free and legally, besides listening to them, is Soundcloud, which will also allow you to upload them as long as you subscribe to their web portal.

In most cases, when they are your own songs, you have the possibility to avoid the download and make users can only listen to 30 seconds of it, it is like an advance so they can avoid the piracy of your soundtrack.

  1. Jamendo
If you’ve looked for free music, you may have run into the Creative Commons. This web feeds on them. (Photo: Capture)

Like SoundcloudJamendo is one of the best-known alternative pages for downloading and listening to free MP3 music, and since 2005 (the year of its creation), it has been the digital repository of songs that are mostly independent.

The catalogue of music that you can find on Jamendo is made up of emerging and alternative artists who want to get their work to the public. You have the possibility to filter the songs by genres, search by keywords, etc.

  1. Be Sonic
Be Sonic
More than a download site, this portal is used as a music promotion network. (Photo: Capture)

This is another website where you will not find famous artists and popular songs to listen to free music online , but to new artists who upload their songs with the hope of finding their ideal audience.

More than a download site, this portal is used as a music promotion network, so you can find different artists to play your favourite genres and download your music for free.

  1. Purevolume
PureVolume was born in 2013 with this goal of downloading free music online. (Photo: Capture)

PureVolume was born in 2013 with the aim of downloading free music online , and since then its work has been recognized by important American media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, LA Times or Chicago Tribune.

  1. DatPiff
DatPiff is a site for those who like rap and the hip-hop community. (Photo: Capture)

DatPiff is a site for those who like rap, the hip-hop community and a factory for new free online productions due to the mixes they generate. Some of the tracks found on this site are compilations of artists who seek relevance and some are new creations based on a famous song.

  1. ReverBNation
Big names like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars and Imagine Dragons had their start in ReverbNation. (Photo: Capture)

Big names like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars and Imagine Dragons had their start in ReverbNation , sharing their music online for free and capturing a loyal fan base. In ReverbNation there is a mix of all genres, but the site tends to lean more towards pop, alternative music and hip-hop.

  1. Cliggo
In Cliggo you can choose popular songs by country or let yourself be guided by the recommendations. (Photo: Capture)

The closest thing to Spotify you’ll find around here. In Cliggo you can choose popular songs by country or let yourself be guided by the recommendations.

  1. Noon Pacific
Noon Pacific
Here you can find songs selected by its creator, Clark Dinnison. (Photo: Capture)

This is a minimalist and intimate page. Here you can find songs selected by its creator, Clark Dinnison and you also have the option to listen to music online for free .

  1. Jango
Jango is a combination of well-known music and novice artists. (Photo: Capture)

Jango is a combination of well-known music and novice artists. You only have one ad per day, however, you cannot go directly to a section of the music. You have to listen to it whole. Here you can also enjoy the songs for free online .

  1. AccuRadio
One of the most complete online radios. Here you can also listen to music online for free. (Photo: Capture)

One of the most complete online radios. The bad news is that its interface is somewhat outdated, but you can skip the song when you want. The bad news is that it is still a radio so you cannot create your playlists.

Other Websites to Download Nigerian Music, South African, Kenyan or Tanzanian Bongo Flava

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